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"Autism is about having a pure heart and being very sensitive... It is about finding a way to survive in an overwhelming, confusing world... It is about developing differently, in a different pace and with different leaps."

-Trisha Van Berkel

"I THINK IN PICTURES. Words are like a second language to me."

-Dr. Temple Grandin


Slater Software, Inc. uses Literacy Support Pictures (LSP)™ to help students gain meaning from print. All of our software and teacher resources utilize LSP to grow literacy skills by reinforcing word meaning. The results for students with autism are:

Improved Comprehension

Appropriate Communication

Word Recognition and Retention

Higher self-esteem

PixWriter samples

PixWriter and Autism:

Students with autism have benefited greatly from PixWriter. Teachers and parents have reported that students along the spectrum, from non-verbal to high-functioning, all have shown great success and improvement.

For the student who is non-verbal, the teacher can create word banks that provide LSP support for words. This brings meaning to the word, and therefore, provides a mode of communication.

Some students read fluently but cannot tell others what they have read. Words, pictures and speech work together to reinforce the written word and improve expressive language.

For the student with high-functioning autism, and/or Aspergers, PixWriter can be used as a word processing program. PixWriter provides support for the student allowing them gain the confidence in their word choice and sentence structure thus moving them into conventional writing.

Teachers and parents can create word banks so quickly they will use it all day long. Students will be able to write about social situations and experiences, complete school assignments and improve literacy skills.

Picture It samples

Picture It and Autism:

Picture It quickly creates a picture-rich environment for student learning. This is particularly important for students who are visual learners.

Students who are learning to read utilize the LSP as a clue to the word. This clue gives meaning to the text therefore improving reading skills.

Students who read fluently, but are not comprehending what they read will find Picture It documents the key to opening up their learning. Building on their already strong reading skills, the LSP brings meaning to the text.

Teachers and parents use Picture It for making a picture-rich enviornment personallized to their students. Teachers can make social stories, behavior plans, scripts... all as quickly as they can type.

Teachers, imagine it is the second day of school and the fire alarm rings. You haven't had time to prepare your student for the noise, the rules, the safety reasons, nor the proceedure. Typing a quick sentence on Picture It might be the only thing that can reach your students who are worried, unsure and unable to adapt.

fire alarm Picture It document





Social Stories:
Movie Theater Social Story4 pages, 274KB, PDF
Back to school social story 4 pages, 384 KB, PDF
New classroom social story 4 pages, 380 KB, PDF
Making new friends social story 4 pages, 440 KB, PDF
Fireworks Social Story 3 pages, 300 KB, PDF
Swimming Pool Social Story 5 pages, 544 KB, PDF
Mother's Day Social Story 4 pages, 176 KB, PDF
Easter Social Story 7 pages, 352 KB, PDF
Birthday Social Story 4 pages, 452 KB, PDF
Last Day of School Social Story 5 pages, 372 KB, PDF
Cumpleaños Social Story 3 pages, 376 KB, PDF
Halloween Social Story 5 pages, 312 KB, PDF
Lunchroom Social Story 3 pages, 199 KB, PDF
Doctor Social Story 2 pages, 292 KB, PDF
Mom Soldier Social Story 5 pages, 312 KB, PDF
Dad Soldier Social Story 5 pages, 316 KB, PDF
Spring Break social story 3 pages, 412 KB, PDF
Video Store Social Story 3 pages, 208 KB, PDF

Other adapted materials:

Social Skills Options: when hungry 1 page, 148 KB, PDF
Social Skills Options: when tired 1 page, 136 KB, PDF
Social Skills Options: when need a break 1 page, 148 KB, PDF
Social Skills Options: when see friends 1 page, 136 KB, PDF
History of Mother's Day 3 pages, 444 KB, PDF
Poison - A Behavior Plan 3 pages, 180 KB, PDF
Plant a Tree 4 pages, 356 KB, PDF
Wonderful School Year 6 pages, 644 KB, PDF
Fire Checklist 3 pages, 188 KB, PDF




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