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VERSION 5.2 for Windows & Macintosh!

Automatic Picture-Word matching catapults Picture It ahead of the competition. A Teacher's Companion that gets used every day!

Create curriculum materials, flash cards, communication boards, easy readers, classroom posters, PECS - anything with print can be made accessible!

The Premier Teacher Tool for creating Picture-Assisted Reading™ materials is now even better!

10,500+ high-resolution Literacy Support Pictures


Flexible communication board options

Easier Importing of digital photos

LSP Thesaurus

and much more!

I am thrilled with Picture It v5.2! I have used Picture It for years, but the addition of the new LSP has made adapting materials for all academic classes even easier!
LJT, Lubbock, TX


Picture It v5.2 Quick Reference Windows

Picture It v5.2 Quick Reference Macintosh

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